Zion United Methodist Church


Zion United Methodist Church still stands near the road call "The Road to Travelers Rest" and at or near the spot that once was called "Liberty Meeting House." Spotsylvania County records state that on November 20, 1850, a Liberty Class of at least twelve persons was organized and may have met in the original "Liberty meeting House." By 1859, the class had grown into a church of 40 members, and a church was erected under the name, Liberty Methodist Episcopal Church South and changed in 1861 to Zion.

Zion United Methodist Church was used as a field hospital, look-out post, and temporary command post. General Robert E. Lee met with General A.P. Hill at his temporary command post at Zion. General Stonewall Jackson was carried past here on his way to Guinea's Station.

Zion United Methodist Church still serves the community as a place for worship.

(Portions of this information were taken from the pamphlet: "On the Road to Travelers Rest" by Mr. Bob Weeks.)